Please note: WHA leases start at a minimum of 12 months, and the waitlist to rent through our program is an estimated 2 year wait time at the moment. 

What type of housing is available for Whistler employees?
The Whistler Housing Authority (WHA) controls an inventory of both rental and for purchase units that are price restricted and are only available to Whistler residents who are working full-time in Whistler. 

Does the WHA have long term rental accomodations?
The WHA has 1, 2, and 3 bedroom units as well as studios and duplexes that are long-term rentals, with a minimum one year lease. In order to be offered one of these units, you must have your name on our WHA Rental Waitlist.  

How do I get on the WHA Rental Waitlist?
You need to fill out a Tenancy Application. To be eligible to become an applicant you must be of legal age, Canadian citizen or landed immigrant, and must be a qualified employee or retiree. To qualify as an employee you must fulfil a minimum average of twenty hours of work per week on an annual basis, within the Resort Municipality of Whistler. You can fill in an application online.

How long does it take to get a unit after I apply to the WHA Rental Waitlist?
Depending on the type of unit, it could be as quick as a one year or as long as a two to three years.

Why should I go on the WHA Rental Waitlist?
The WHA rental accomodations are typically less costly than many private market rentals and can secure you a long-term rental accomodation. Once you have a unit, your lease will provide you with security and be renewed annually if you are a good tenant.

I need housing now, what should I do?
WHA rentals are offered first to the top WHA Rental Waitlist members. At this time, it is unlikely a new waitlist member would get housing right away, and a 1-2 year minimum wait is more realistic. The WHA offers a free service for landlords to list their rental units (these are not WHA properties) on our website (click on Available Properties).

Can you give me some general advice on renting in Whistler?
Whistler’s local newspapers, The Pique, may have resources for helping you find housing in Whistler and is available on-line. View The Pique at: There are also some housing groups on Facebook where accommodations are advertised. While searching for housing, talk to everyone you meet. The best places are rarely advertised. Look on notice boards (Village Square, Nesters, Food Plus, Southside Dinner). Once you get a place, get a lease agreement in writing (make sure you keep a copy for yourself) and get receipts for all your rent payments. A landlord may ask for a damage deposit but it can’t be more than half of the first month’s rent. Choose your roommates carefully.

I am having trouble with my landlord, can the WHA help me?
Free residential tenancy information can be obtained by contacting the Residential Tenancy Branch at 1-800-665-8779 or; website: You can use the Solution Explorer tool to find more information. Or contact the Tenants Resource Advisory Center at 1-800-665-1185 or view  The WHA is not qualified to give legal advice.

Where is the WHA office located?
325 - 2400 Dave Murray Place
(3rd floor of the Beaver Flats Apartment Building in the Creekside)

Are there rental accomodations in Whistler that are not controlled by the WHA?
Lots of it! But it may be more expensive, or tougher to find. The private sector actually provides most of the rental housing in Whistler in the form of suites, townhouses, and detached homes. These opportunities can be found in the classifieds in our local newspapers, or on notice boards around town. We also have a free listing service for landlords (see private rental listings on our website).

I own a WHA resident restricted unit, can I rent it out?
Yes you can, but contact the WHA to find out the restrictions related to your property, such as the allowable rental duration and amount.