The Whistler Seniors Resident Restricted Housing Program is intended to address the housing needs of Whistler’s active or retired workforce and qualified long term residents who are over the age of 55.


WHA Rental Waitlist members are notified when Seniors' Priority rental units are coming available.

Seniors interested in renting through the WHA are encouraged to apply HERE.

Eligible seniors on the Rental Waitlist are able to rent any WHA units, but are prioritized for 8350 Bear Paw Trail (Lumina).



The Seniors Purchase Waitlist is established each time a seniors housing unit becomes available. Applicants can be either MAC members, or WHA Purchase Waitlist members.

Waitlist priority is based on a ‘needs‐based‐priority‐point’ system.


The Rise, Cheakamus Crossing
6 townhouse units (all 3 bedroom units) with covered parking.

The Falls, Cheakamus Crossing
18 apartment style units, (1BR, 1BR+den, and 2BR units) with covered and surface parking

Solana, Rainbow
20 apartment style units (mix of sizes) with underground private garages.

To date all units are ownership type for ‘independent unassisted living’. Units that are not sold to a qualified senior through the resale process will then be offered to the WHA Waitlist.


STEP 1: Find out about an Open House

Members of the Whistler Mature Action Community are notified via email when a seniors unit becomes available.

Become a member of the Whistler Mature Action Community. This can be done directly on their website at

Applications are not accepted until a unit comes available.

STEP 2: Review Seniors Resident Restricted Housing Guidelines & Application

Review the Seniors Resident Restricted Housing Purchase and Rental Waitlist Guidelines and Application to ensure you meet the criteria for the housing program.

Waitlist registrants are ranked on a points-based system for each unit as it comes up for resale or rent based on:

1 (one) point for each year the applicant is above age 65 (applicants between 55 and 65 get 0 points in this category)
1 (one) point for each year the applicant has lived in Whistler as a primary residence
1 (one) point for each year the applicant has been an ‘Employee’ in Whistler (see Guidelines for the definition of ‘Employee’)

            You do not need to submit you application until a seniors unit becomes available.

            STEP 3: When a Unit Comes Available for Purchase

            Registered members of the Whistler Mature Action Community will be advised by email when a unit becomes available. Those applicants interested in an available unit will then submit a notice confirming their interest to the Whistler Housing Authority along with a completed Application to Purchase Resident Restricted Housing.

            Final waitlist positions for the purchase or rental and selection of a unit will be established at that time based on a ‘needs‐based‐priority‐point’ system, as outlined in the Seniors Resident Restricted Housing Guidelines & Application, updated in July 2016.

            The final waitlist positions may be subject to the discretionary power of the WHA Board to recognize other individuals’ “needs‐based” circumstances.

            Applicants who purchase a Seniors Resident Restricted Housing unit must be prepared to comply with the WHA’s resale policies and the resident housing restrictions (occupancy and rent amounts) as outlined in the housing covenants that will be registered on title of the Seniors Resident Restricted Housing unit. Sample housing covenants can be viewed online or by request through the Whistler Housing Authority.


            OTHER PROGRAMS:

            Seniors are also welcome to take part in other WHA programs if they meet the program-specific qualifying criteria: