The Whistler Employee Restricted Rental Housing Program is intended to help support the housing needs of Whistler’s active or retired workforce, including qualified retirees of Whistler who are over the age of 55.

The rental program is available to both qualified employees and retirees of Whistler under a single waitlist application and rental process. This system provides a fair and consistent approach for all qualified employees and retirees to be able to access rental housing within the program.

8350 Bear Paw Trail
In addition to qualified retirees having access to all WHA rental units within the general program, 8350 Bear Paw Trail is a purpose built seniors rental project available only to qualified retirees and employees age 55 years or older in Whistler. This building is in the final stages of construction with tenants moving in late 2019.

When units come available, initial tenant intake for this purpose built senior rental housing is open to eligible senior waitlist members as defined here, and prioritized by age, from oldest to youngest senior.

Unfilled units will then be offered to non-seniors waitlist members.

To apply for all WHA rental opportunities (including 8350 Bear Paw Trail) please click here 

To be eligible to rent a WHA unit as a Retiree you must meet the following eligibility:

1. The applicants and occupants, unless they are a spouse or a dependent adult or dependent child of an eligible employee on the application, must meet the definition of employee for the duration of their tenancy (definition below).

When there are 2 applicants in a relationship, only the Primary applicant must fall under the WHA definition of Whistler employee or retiree for the duration of their tenancy.

An employee is, for the purpose of employee housing, to mean a person who:

i) Is either employed or self-employed on an annual basis for an annual average of at least 30 hours per week, employed by a Qualified Whistler Business; or

ii)Is at least 55 years of age and has ceased active Full Time employment but who has been an employee (defined above in ) for at least 10 of the past 12 years, prior to ceasing Full Time employment.

2. The applicants and occupants, unless they are a spouse or a dependent adult or dependent child of an eligible employee on the application, must meet the residency requirements:

  • Canadian citizen; or
  • Permanent Resident of Canada

 3.The applicants and occupants, must occupy the unit as their permanent primary residence.

 The employee restricted rental unit will be the place you and all occupants will ordinarily and continually occupy as your primary residence on a full-time basis.

The Tenant will not sub-let or assign the employee rental unit without the Landlord’s consent.

 4.The applicant(s) and all occupants must collectively have income and assets that fall below limits set out by the WHA.

 The rental waitlist has income and asset limits in place to determine eligible applicants, the rate they will pay and the rental units they will have access to renting.

The MAXIMUM combined household income and assets an applicant can have at 8350 Bear Paw Trail is $300,000 and the income limit for new tenants is set annually by BC Housing.

For the rest of the program, the income and asset limits are as follows: 

Total Household MAXIMUM Income Limits


Maximum Income



1 BR


2 BR


3 BR


Total Household MAXIMUM Asset Limit

Maximum Assets – any Unit size



 For a deeper understanding of the Income and Asset Limits, and how they will help determine what rent you will pay, please click here.