Secure Housing for Whistler's Workforce

Whistler Housing Authority

Helping to Make Whistler the
Place You Call Home

Whistler has over 7,300 beds of affordable rental & ownership housing dedicated to those working in Whistler.

Socially driven and committed to our community, the mission of the Whistler Housing Authority (WHA) is to provide housing solutions that support and enable our community to thrive and make Whistler the place to call home. To achieve this objective, the WHA collaborates with the community to provide and sustain a range of housing options, both rental and homeownership, for those who work in Whistler. Creating an inventory of price-controlled homes, which are only available to qualified employees has proven an effective solution for supporting a stable local workforce and a vibrant and diversified community.

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Employee Housing Rental Program

An inventory of secure long-term rental opportunities available for qualified Whistler employees.

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Employee Housing Ownership Program

An inventory of price restricted ownership opportunities for qualified Whistler employees.

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