Landlord and Tenant Information

In Canada, each province has it's own set of tenancy laws and the Whistler Housing Authority can connect tenants and landlords with resources specific to British Columbia.
The Act does not apply to living accommodation in which the tenant shares bathroom or kitchen facilities with the owner of that accommodation.
2020 COVID-19 Response Program Resources:
Free information for tenants and landlords can be obtained by contacting:

The Residential Tenancy Office
Phone: 1-800-665-8779

Tenant Resource Advisory Center
Phone: 1-800-665-1185

BC Apartment Owners & Managers Association
Phone: 1-877-700-9440

Legal Help

Access to Justice via Whistler Community Services Society

Access Pro Bono Free Legal Help (based on income qualification)

LAWline (Legal Services Society)
Provides legal help over the phone
Phone: 1-866-577-2525

Privacy Guidelines
Privacy Guidelines For Landlords and Tenants

Being Evicted?

Residential Tenancy Office- Know Your Rights and Responsibilities
Tenant Resource & Advisory Center- Tenants Survival Guide
Tenant Resource & Advisory Center- Tenant Info Guide

Rent Controls

Did you know that some of the properties in Whistler have rent controls? The various properties below have rents that have been restricted by the Whistler Housing Authority as part of the resident restricted housing inventory in Whistler.

If you are renting at the following addresses, your rent is capped at a maximum rate:

  • 1100-1176 Whitewater Drive  (Whitewater)
  • 1245 Mount Fee Road (The Rise)
  • 1275 Mount Fee Road (The Rise)
  • 1375 Cloudburst Drive (The Terrace)
  • 1380 Cloudburst Drive (The Heights)
  • 1040 Legacy Way (The Falls)
  • 1050 Legacy Way (The Springs)
  • 1430 Alpha Lake Road(The Lofts Apartments)
  • 1500 Spring Creek Drive(Bear Ridge Townhomes)
  • 2238 Gondola Way(Gondola Six Townhomes)
  • 2401 Dave Murray Place(Beaver Flats Duplexes)
  • 2704 Cheakamus Way(Millar’s Ridge Townhomes)
  • 3065 Hillcrest Drive (Lakecrest)
  • 4815 Glacier Lane(Glacier Ridge Townhomes)
  • 5151 Nita Lake Drive(Nita Lake Townhomes)
  • 7292-7337 Spruce Grove Lane(Spruce Grove Townhomes)
  • 7124 Nancy Greene Drive (Fitzsimmons Walk)
  • 8116, 8119, 8120 McKeever’s Place (19 Mile Creek Townhomes)
  • Rainbow Neighborhood
  • Suites in Barnfield Single Family Homes
  • Suites in Spruce Grove Single Family Homes

You may contact the Whistler Housing Authority to find out this amount.