New to Whistler

Whistler Navigator (formerly the Whistler Survival Guide)

The Whistler Navigator is published by whistler Community Services Society to help introduce community resources to newcomers. The Navigator is a must have resource to help you get to know your new community.

It includes an Arrival Checklist, including a section on "Get a Place to Live" with tips and resources such as hostel information.

It also provides an overview of the different neighbourhoods in the Resort Municipality of Whistler.

Finding Seasonal Accommodation

*The Whistler Housing Authority does not provide seasonal accommodation.*

Upon first arriving in Whistler, there are a number of ways to find accommodation for the short term (i.e. for the winter or summer season).

If you need something immediately, there are hostels and lodges that can provide short-term accommodation. See the Whistler Navigator for contact details.

If you have exhausted your local options, consider commuting from  Whistler's neighbouring communities of Squamish and Pemberton (limited transit options). 

Finding Housing


Pique Newsmagazine, a free weekly paper, has a number of classified ads:

This paper can be found in the Village at various locations, in Alpine at the Alpine Meadows Market and Meadow Park Sports Centre, and in Creekside at the Husky Station, and Creekside Grocery.

Websites and Social Media

Online pages, such as Craigslist, and several social media groups are devoted to connecting people to housing in Whistler. Accommodation can vary in type (from a shared bedroom all the way up to a chalet), duration, and price. Be cautious, and report rental scams to the Whistler RCMP (non-emergency).

The WHA has general listings provided by landlords requiring tenants in the private market. This rental list is updated regularly and can be viewed on the Available Rental Listings section of this website.

Employer Provided Housing

Some employers provide housing to their local employees. Check with employers directly, or review ads online or in The Pique for employment opportunities that include

 Word of Mouth

If all else fails, it doesn't hurt to ask around. Often good accommodation in Whistler never reaches the local papers. Local residents may be able to give you a lead on a place for rent or put you in touch with people who are looking or other people who need roommates. Talk to your friends, colleagues, employers, and Whistler network to see what's out there.

Property Management Companies

Check with local property management companies to see what housing they have available.

Whistler Housing Authority Programs (Waitlists)

The Whistler Housing Authority has waitlists for long-term housing in the rental and ownership housing programs. If you meet the qualifications of employee housing programs, you may want to apply to one or both waitlists. Please note that it is unlikely to find housing through these programs in less than a year, and that several years on either or both waitlists are typical. Minimum lease length is 12 months.


Whistler Transit
Almost all neighbourhoods in Whistler are in close proximity to public transit (bus).

Getting to Whistler

Other Resources

Whistler Welcome Centre

Welcome to Canada: What you should know

Immigration and Citizenship