Current WHA Owners


Employee Housing owners must remain eligible for the Employee Housing Ownership Program and abide by the terms and restrictions (i.e. Whistler employment, occupancy requirements, rental rates, resale policies) that are outlined in the housing covenant registered to the property for the duration of owning the Employee Housing Unit.


Owners must complete an Occupancy Declaration on the occupancy and use of the Employee Housing Unit at least annually and as requested by the WHA on behalf of the Resort Municipality of Whistler. Owners must be prepared to provide supporting documentation upon request which may include tenancy agreements, income tax returns, driver's licenses, personal identification, utility bills, employment contracts, pay statements etc. in order to verify the information in the Occupancy Declaration.

Complete your 2024 Occupancy Declaration

This WHA Homeowner Guide is a reference guide to provide new buyers and current owners with an understanding of their new home, purchased through the Whistler Housing Authority (WHA) Ownership Program.



Approximately 30% of the applicants on the WHA Ownership Waitlist are current owners in the Employee Housing Ownership Program. Employee Housing owners are required to sell their home when they purchase a different Employee Housing unit.

Upon purchasing an Employee Housing Unit, owners may choose to remain on the Ownership Waitlist but they will be moved to the bottom of the waitlist. If they remain on the Ownership Waitlist, annually they will have to confirm that they qualify with the current eligibility requirements of the Employee Housing Program.

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WHA owners who make certain improvements to their home can apply to have the value of eligible improvements added to the maximum resale value of their home. Improvements must be made consistent with the Capital Improvement Policy and requests for capital improvement credit must be made in advance.  For more information please refer to the Capital Improvement Policy below.

capital improvement policy Request for capital improvement credit


When a WHA owner is ready to sell their home they should contact the WHA for next steps and review the WHA's Seller's Guide & Resale Policy to understand the selling process. To learn more, contact the Housing Administrator at or 604-905-4688 ext. 3. The process for selling a WHA home typically takes a minimum of 6-8 weeks from the time you contact us to schedule an Open House to the earliest possible completion date.

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Estate planning is an important part of planning for your family’s future. We encourage you to consult the WHA Estate and Inheritance Planning Policy as you work with a professional on your will or plans for your home.

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