Home Run is a property rental program matching business owners with property owners for workforce housing. It is administered by the Whistler Housing Authority and managed by a licensed property manager. 

The goal of the program is to help local business owners find stable accommodation for their workforce, while encouraging home owners with a streamlined, low risk option to earn rental income from their vacant properties.

Property owners of suites, condominiums, townhouses and single family homes throughout Whistler are encouraged to submit their contact information to learn more about the program.

Property owners have the opportunity to choose their fee based service - either a full property management service or a tenant placement service. There are no upfront out-of-pocket fees to the homeowner, as all fees are directly deducted from the rental received after a lease has been signed.

Learn more about leasing my property to a Whistler business

Business owners seeking employee accommodation can submit an application to be matched with a rental property.

Register my business for workforce rental housing options

For more information, visit Home Run - Frequently Asked Questions.