"An affordable home in an amazing neighbourhood" - WHA Owner

WHA Historical Resales & Wait Times

The WHA provides an overview and a detailed list of the resales for transparency and so that Waitlist Applicants can gauge how long it may take to buyer their employee-restricted home.

Resales Overview for 2022 & 2023

Studio, 1BR, 1BR+Den

Median Wait Time: 5.5 years
Number of Resales: 14

2022 New Construction: 1.6 years
Number of New Construction: 24


Median Wait Time: 8.2 years
Number of Resales: 12

2022 New Construction: 2.5 years
Number of New Construction: 68


Median Wait Time: 7.0 years
Number of Resales: 9

2022 New Construction: 5.2 years
Number of New Construction: 8

Duplex/Single Family

Median Wait Time: 10.3 years
Number of Resales: 5

Historical Resales by Individual Sale

The information within the WHA Historical Resales below lists by year each WHA resale including the unit type and size, maximum resale price, sale price, and buyer wait times.