WHA COVID-19 Operations Update

Occupancy Declaration

The Whistler Housing Authority believes it is essential that the majority of Whistler employees live in the community in which they work. To achieve this objective, we partner with the community to provide and sustain a range of housing options both rental and home ownership for those who live and work in Whistler.  Creating an inventory of price controlled units that are only available to resident employees has proven to be best means of reducing the impact of market forces, which for the last 20 years has driven the price of market housing out of reach for locals.

Comfortable, good quality affordable living space fosters the well being of both the individual and the community as a whole. Access to affordable housing attracts skilled and energetic adults as well as young families with children to become part of the community. This in turn helps to ensure a stable resident workforce and a vibrant and diversified community.

Today, Whistler has approximately 2,100 Units Of Affordable Rental And Ownership Housing.