WHA Online Rental Application for Tenancy

Please read these Guidelines before completing the application below.
*There is currently a 1 to 2 year waitlist for a WHA rental unit.*

Placement in a resident restricted rental unit is determined by the following guidelines:

  1. The applicant’s position on the rental waitlist for a resident restricted rental unit.
  2. Quality of the applicant’s references from both current employer and landlord.
  3. The applicant’s ability to demonstrate the can pay the rent
  4. The applicant’s household makeup maximizes the unit size being rented.


Employee - An individual who is employed or self-employed for an average of not less than 20 hours per week on an annual basis at a business located with the boundaries of the Resort Municipality of Whistler which holds an RMOW Business License. Self- employed employees must have a valid RMOW Business License related to their Whistler employment; confirm their work directly contributes to and participates within the local Whistler economy; and fulfill the minimum average of 20 hours of work per week on an annual basis.

Retiree - an individual who has ceased active employment but who has been an employee as per the above definition for five of the six years prior to ceasing employment.

Primary residence - the residence that is the place the applicant will ordinarily and continually occupy as a residence on a full-time basis.

Premises - the WHA rental unit, including any common space in WHA building

Landlord - Agent to the Landlord Mountain Country Property Management- on behalf of the Whistler Housing Authority

To be eligible for placement on the waitlist for a resident employee rental unit, you must meet the following criteria:
  1. All applicants must be of legal age, Canadian citizens or landed immigrants, and must be qualified employees or qualified retirees. They must fulfill a minimum average of twenty hours of work per week, within the Resort Municipality of Whistler.

  2. Applicants must plan to occupy the unit as their permanent primary residence, i.e. the residence that is the place the applicant will ordinarily and continually occupy as a residence on a full-time basis. (See definition above).

  3. Applicants, or their spouse, must not own, either personally, jointly, or indirectly through business assets any real estate at the time of application, or during the tenancy. The WHA may make exceptions to this on a case-by-case basis.

  4. No corporate or business applications are allowed.

  5. All applicants must agree to the following covenants included in all WHA tenancy agreements:

    a) The Tenant will not permit any pets (including but not limited to dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, insects and other animals) on the rental Premises unless authorized by the WHA.

    b) The Tenant will not smoke or permit smoking inside the Premises.

    c) The Tenant will not sub-let or assign the Premises without the Landlord’s consent.

    d)The tenant must meet the definition of employee or retiree for the duration of their tenancy

  6. Applicants will be able to specify the type of unit they would prefer. The four unit types are as follows: studio, 1 bedroom, 2 bedrooms, and 3 bedrooms. Applicants may specify as many unit types as they like, provided that their roommates are listed on the application form. Please note that it is WHA policy to limit studios and 1-bedroom units to a single person or a couple, and to limit the total number of occupants in a single unit.

  7. The application form must be filled out in full online

  8. Every six months the WHA completes a rental waitlist confirmation process to confirm whether or not an applicant wishes to remain on the WHA Rental Waitlist. This process is completed by email.  Non response to this email will result in your name being dropped from the WHA rental waitlist

  9. Please note that failure to meet any of the guidelines above will result in the applicant being dropped from the waitlist, denied a rental unit in a resident restricted housing project, or if already a tenant of the WHA, will result in the termination of the lease and subsequent eviction.

In keeping with the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL), the Whistler Housing Authority (WHA) needs to confirm your consent in order to provide you with relevant and informative resident restricted housing notifications via electronic mail. By completing the WHA Tenancy Application, you agree to give your consent to the WHA and its Rental Representative to send you information regarding the Resident Restricted Housing program via email. Should you change your mind in the future, you may withdraw your consent and unsubscribe from any of our WHA communications at any time. For more information on Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL), please visit the Government of Canada's website at: www.FightSpam.ca.