Whistler Housing Authority

Employee Housing Rental Program

General information

The Whistler Housing Authority is proud to have an inventory of 327 long-term rental units for qualified Whistler Employees. 

Our Employee Housing Rental Program is specific to Whistler's workforce. All applicants to this program must be qualified full-time employees or qualified retirees. 

Rental rates are based on 30% of the applicant's gross household income (with minimums and maximum rental rates for each building), and unit selection is restricted by household size to ensure the inventory is optimized. 

Before you apply to the Employee Housing Rental Program review the eligibility guidelines to ensure that you qualify for the program, and you have all of your supporting documentation ready. 

Applicants to our programs will acknowledge that the Rental Program’s eligibility requirements may change over time.

"WHA has allowed us to make our home in Whistler and contribute to the community we love. As a single parent family, our WHA unit means the difference between staying in the town we call home and leaving" - WHA Tenant

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