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* Seniors Priority Homes

Solana includes 20 one-bedroom plus den, two-bedroom and two-bedroom-plus-den single-level apartments with private garages and large balconies. Located in Rainbow Neighbourhood near a bus stop, grocery store and other Rainbow Plaza commercial amenities. 

Built in 2015 as purpose-built seniors housing units, these 20 apartments range in size from 856 sq.ft. to 1,805 sq.ft. The initial sale prices of Solana units were not restricted. Following the initial sale, the Maximum Resale Price of all resales in Solana are now tied to an appreciation formula based on the Core Consumer Price Index (CCPI), per the Housing Agreement registered on title. 

On of July 1, 2022 the Maximum Resale Prices for these 20 units ranged from $510,000 to over $1,154,000 (rounded to the nearest $1,000). 

These units are offered to seniors based on the WHA Seniors Program Guidelines.